Who am I in Christ?


If you could do one thing to transform you life and live the abundant life that Jesus promised it would be to know — to really know who you are in Christ. 

This is my quest for this 28-day series  — to embark on a journey of knowing, of truly knowing who we are in Christ. Will you join me?

Day 1 — Invitation (this page)

Day 2 — A journey into knowing who I am in Christ

Day 3 — Sunday Scripture — free downloadable printable

Day 4 — In Christ we are infinitely loved and accepted – part 1

Day 5 — In Christ I am forgiven & made right with God – part 2

Day 6 — In Christ I am His treasured possession

Day 7 — In Christ I am chosen

Day 8 — Unless the Lord builds the house

Day 9  — In Christ I am beautiful

Day 10 — Sunday Scripture — In Christ I am wonderfully made

Day 11 — In Christ I am wonderfully made