When the enemy steals your voice

Day 30 — (FMF) — voice

They say trauma steals your voice and leaves you feeling powerless and I’d have to agree.

Over the past few years, I’ve watched a dear loved one suffer the after effects of trauma or what is called PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and unknowingly that traumatized me. I was suddenly left voiceless in the relationships that mattered most to me. 

I could not believe nor understand what was happening to me. There was so much I wanted to voice and yet I found myself silent, unable to speak.

I began this blog in earnest two years ago but for more than a year, I’ve remained silent — hardly writing or posting anything. It’s what the enemy does — to silence God’s children. 

On one of those days when I found myself unable to speak, I went to the basement to sit in the laundry room and cry. And as the tears came, I saw a small child with her mouth taped shut. I did not know quite what to do with that image but I knew God wanted to set me free.

And this journey of getting my voice back — the one God gave me has been a long one — one which I still travel. Thankfully, the fear and the shame are no longer present in the same way as they were. That itself is a victory worth celebrating. 

Yes, I’m getting my voice back and I’m going to use it for God’s Kingdom. I am NOT going to let the enemy shut me up. Not only will I write here in this space on the web but Lord willing, I’m going to speak as well. 

I’m finally at a point in my life where I actually believe I have something to say — whether anyone listens or not, I’m going to use my voice. 

I believe God has given each of us a unique voice — not only an audible one but one that comes from our hearts. And I believe it’s our God-given destiny to use our voice to speak life and light in this dark world.

The tape has come off!  


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