Why should you believe in God?

Day 26 — {FMF} — brief

This is my story of why I believe in God — a brief version if only I had a minute or two to share with you in an elevator ride. 

My name is Hulda and I was born in a village in the Andes Moutains in Peru. I lived there until I was 8. My parents used to walk up the mountain side to go to a small adobe-mud church and I learned about a kind man who loved us —  Jesus.  They sang songs that I still hum to this day. 

No one had to convince me then that Jesus was real or that He was God. As a child — I received these truths with a heart wide open.

But we moved to the U.S. and I as grew up into my teen years, my faith wavered. I got angry at God for not seeming to answer my prayers. The pain and brokenness in my family hardened my heart towards Him and I rebelled. Badly. Even then — looking back— I can see God’s hand of protection on me. 

It wasn’t until my 3rd year at the University of Maryland, when I was faced with the emptiness, pain and the meaningless of my life that I turned to God. 

One cold December day, I cried out to God and He met me. The truths I had learned about Him as a child came forth and I felt loved and forgiven. 

I knew then that God had never left me even if I had chosen to leave Him. 

It’s been more than 25 years since that day — and I’m still walking with Him. And the more I know Him, the more I love Him and the more I realize how much I need Him. 

He truly is a good, kind Father who loves us — who wants to make us His children because that’s our destiny. The answer to every question ends with Him. For He alone can fill the void and emptiness in our hearts and He alone can heal our hearts like no one or nothing can in this world. 

The Bible says today is the day of salvation — today the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart and invites you to open your heart to the life and love you’ve always wanted. What’s stopping you?



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