The common and uniquely beautiful

Oct. 23 — {FMF} common

“And the common people heard Him gladly.” Mk. 12:37 

On this side of eternity, I am one of the common folks — it’s how the world would see me. Nothing too special. But I know that God sees me otherwise.

The often used example of the snowflake reminds me that no one in this universe is like me. I am uniquely created just as you are and in God’s Kingdom, I’m a daughter.  

But there’s another way of looking at common as found in this scripture. 

“And the common people heard Him gladly.” Mk. 12:37 

It wasn’t the nobles, the educated and people with social standing that listened to Jesus with joy but the common — ordinary people like me. Those who held titles and positions like the Pharisees and rulers of Jesus’ time could not stand to listen to Jesus. 

Their “superior” position made them think, they knew better than an uneducated carpenter. Consequently, their pride blinded them and made them deaf to hear and see that the God of the universe was in their midst. 

I confess, that I too have thought like the Pharisees and the rulers of Jesus’ time. When I come across preachers who do not fit the bill of how I think God’s messenger should look like, I have a hard time listening. I know it’s my folly and something I’m praying God will work out in me. 

Maybe it’s because I live in a culture where education is highly regarded and titles are held in great esteem. But God’s Word brings me back to the truth.

Yes, I’m among the common folk but so highly regarded by my Heavenly Father just as every one of us are.  We are the common, beautiful — children of God.

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