An audience of One

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So it’s day 20 of the 31-day writing challenge at the Five Minute Friday community and the my blog stat bar shows 2 — maybe 8 page views on a good day. 

And I ask myself — just who am I writing this for? Did I really expect anyone to read this — well, I had hoped that at least a few of my friends would. 


Yes. But only because I forgot that this is not for the stats, not even for me but for Him. It’s in obedience to what I believe God has called me to — this writing thing. 

I’m writing for an audience of ONE. But if truth be told, there’s still a part of me who still craves approval even if it’s just from strangers I’ll never meet. 

And all I know to do is give this longing to my Heavenly Father. He knows my heart and wherever this writing journey takes me, I know that I will always have to come to Him to fill the craving for approval. 

So thankful for Kate Motaung and the FMF community — after nearly a year-and-half hiatus, I’m finally writing. That in of itself is a huge break-through! So I’m encouraged to keep stringing these words together and along the way, I know God will help me to write my story. Even if it’s just for Him to see.

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