Dare to pause for a few minutes today?

Day 17 — {FMF} — pause

Pause — just for a moment. Close your eyes and hear the rhythm of your heart. Lift the eyes of your heart towards heaven — and incline your ears to hear what the Father is saying to you.

Breathe in and invite the Holy Spirit to fill you and whatever is occupying your mind — let it go and give it to our Father. 

If this exercise is hard for you — you’re not alone. My mind is usually running a 100 miles an hour and most of the time, I forget to pause — until I crash in one way or other. 

The Bible has another word for it — selah, which means to pause, to reflect and maybe even praise. 

The best time for me to pause is early in the morning when the kids are still asleep. I like sitting down with a warm cup of coffee and being still. Usually, during this time whatever worries I had the previous day run through my mind and I give it to God. I try to listen with the ears of my heart to what my Heavenly Father is saying — but this is hard. My mind wanders and I mull over the issues of my life. 

On the good days however, I remember and I thank Him for loving me, for making me His daughter and I sit in the morning silence.

The weariness in my soul tells me that I need more selahs in my day. Maybe at midday — set the phone timer for 5 minutes right after lunch? Maybe start with that — but I know I’ll forget and so I’ll set an alarm to remind me. 

How about you? How do you practice selah in your life?



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