Loving a furry friend

healing-from-fear-and-shame-1We drove for two hours across the country to look at some puppies that our daughter found on the Web. It’s been her heart’s desire for years, but I’m not a dog person … or even an animal person. My apologies to all the animal-loving folks out there.

Over the years, she’s convinced us to get a bunny, two hamsters, a kitten and a fish. But a raising a puppy was out of the question, especially right now. After watching her cuddle him today, though, my heart softened and I could see how this little guy may just be what God created to bring healing to our family.

All that I’ve been writing about this month – the pain of rejection, of living with shame and fear – has inevitably affected my young ones.

Sometimes, all you need is a friend who will always be there for you. A furry creature like a dog can do wonders, I’ve read, to help children.

It’s what my oldest wrote down on her list of why she should get a dog. When I’m sad at school, I can come home and cuddle with my dog.

And lately she’s had some sad days at school. Tell Jesus, I urge her. Forgive those who hurt you. Jesus loves you.

It was easier for her to hear me when she was younger. Now she just wants to be heard.

So I’m reminded to make the most with my youngest while I can. Before he falls asleep, I ask him, “Who loves you the most?”


More than my love, I want him to know that he is deeply loved by the Creator of the universe with the prayer that someday he will remember it and know it in his heart.

The Bible says, that God created us and when He did, He said, “It was very good.”

We are His idea. We’re not here by accident or chance but He knew us even while we were in our mother’s womb.

So maybe He created Alaskan Malamutes for us to love on and cuddle with when days are hard and we just need a friend.

He loves us and He shows us in countless ways that He loves us.

This mom, who is utterly clueless about dogs, is going to learn to love a canine pup. And who knows, I might find myself cuddling with it on those hard days too.


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