Never once did we walk alone

healing-from-fear-and-shame-1It’s only Wednesday and what a week it’s been. Doing this 31-day writing challenge has been much harder than I anticipated. Maybe it’s my topic. What was I thinking?

The enemy of our soul has a tendency to mock you right at the point of what you say you are overcoming. In some ways, it seems like all h_ _ _ has broken lose in my life, challenging everything I’m writing.

Yet as hard as things are, I know that I’m supposed to do this. I’m finding my healing in a new way as I recall and re-live in my heart some of the things I’ve encountered in my life.

Today, I’m taking a break – today, I just want to remember and know once again in the depths of my heart that I’m not alone. I want to be still and hear the Lion of Judah panting beside me. I want to be aware of His Presence and remember His faithfulness and goodness to me.

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